• In Cú Chulainn's FootstepsAn adventure videogame


    ICF is the first of a series of videogames inspired by Irish Legends.

  • English, Irish and SpanishEncourage language learning

    Language learning

    Play in English, Irish or Spanish seamlessly and simultaneously. Swap two languages and learning is a matter of play!! .

  • A new way of teachingICF is more than a videogame


    Educational tool: Change the content, reinforce lessons, and track student progress.

  • Best Irish MusicFeaturing Big Names on the Irish Scene

    100% Irish

    Micheál O' Muircheartaigh, Clannad, Kila, Sharon Shannon and more

    Share the play and music with friends and family .

  • Launched in Croke ParkSupported by GAA & Foras Na Gaeilge


    Micheál O' Muircheartaigh officially launched 'ICF' in Croke Park, with Foras Na Gaeilge (CEO) Ferdie Mac an Fhailigh and GAA President Liam O' Neill.

  • Any platformPlay on line or download your OS version


    ICF can be played on line or by downloading a customised version for your PC, available for Linux, Windows and Mac

    Android version soon!!!
    Real 3D ready!!!:

  • Cú Chulainn's Intro VideoAn exclusive video for the game


    A stunning video presentation for our game, ICF.

    Watch it!
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In Cú Chulainn's Footsteps An adventure in Irish Mythology

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Children's safety is most important

ICF is a game whose original content has been approved and reviewed by Foras Na Gaeilge and has been found suitable for children in all schools where it has been tested.

However, each school is able to modify this content under their own responsability.

Duineacu guarantees the original content is suitable for children of all ages, both in the English and Irish version.

Discover the Druids Island

Help Cú Chulainn to escape from the Island, find and solve mysteries, live a unique experience in a celtic environment, learn more about Irish culture in a new and exciting challenge.

"Read More" for a full description of the game

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A new way of teaching

ICF looks like a game, however, it is a powerful educational tool where teachers can modify the game content, the questions and answers, and can track student's progress.

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  • Ferdie Mac an Fhailigh, CEO, Foras na Gaeilge +

    "Games like this are extremely important in promoting the Irish language among young people and the educational aspect will give it particular importance in the school setting and for young people in the home. I have no doubt that this will greatly enhance language acquisition of pupils. As the language can be changed or the level of language and game material can be adapted to the age of the children, it will be very useful for teachers for a wide range of subjects"
  • Liam Ó Néill,Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael, GAA +

    “It is heartening to see the Irish language and various other aspects of our rich culture sitting at the heart of this exciting project. As a school teacher I am acutely aware of the benefits of modern innovative aids such as these when they are used in the correct way. I laud everyone in the project "
  • Cóilín Ó Coigligh, Príomh Oide, St Mary's Primary School (Trim) +

    “St Mary's Primary School in Trim used this educational software. The pupils enjoyed the cultural and folklore elements. They found it both fun and challenging and liked that they could choose to play it in either Irish or English. On our experience to date we would recommend it.”
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