It is a 3D adventure through Irish Mythology aimed to promote Irish Culture. The goal of the game is to help Cú Chulainn to get away from Druids' Island. Guide Cú by tapping or clicking on the ground and help him to escape from the island. It is as easy as that!

The player needs to collect coins and other objects to buy new abilities as Cú runs. They can collect coins, magnets or magic light for the caves. Golden Shamrocks within the game hide powerful surprises, but they cost coins!!!

Around the island, the player will find "Harps". These harps will give the player information about Ireland and its culture, music, sports, literature, touristic places, history and legends. Some of the Harps will contain clues to help solve the game.

Throughout the island the player will come across floating heads, the heads will give a question based on the information given. When you answer correctly the player will win coins.

The player can access the harp information again once they have viewed by clicking or tapping on the harp symbols on the right hand column. At this point the player can change the language to view or listen to the information in the language of their choice. They can even mix the languages together.

Others tools include an Island map, the automated camera on/off, the graphics quality selector, load/save options which are available for registered users and students.

The School Edition allows teachers to change most of the content of this game, modifying the images, voice over, sounds, texts, etc.